Friday, June 3, 2011

School's Out

School ended yesterday(at least in Texas) and let me just say,it's about time. Did you know that sometimes,when you talk about things,you remember more? Well, aroung TAKS time I was doing that - and I drove my family bananas.Here is an example of my plight:

"Did you know that in China,corruption rates are higher than Russia,France,or the US?"
"Mmmmhmm. Please clean the table."
"Did you hear what I JUST said?"
And that,everyone,is why we kids crave the summer.Case closed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Re: Annie Remake

                         Please compare both videos and leave a comment of which is better.

Annie Remake

I was on a random website a couple of days ago and I have been ITCHING to blog this. Will Smith is making a remake of the classic musical Annie. Jay-Z is helping him with the music,and I think they plan to set it in the Bronx, New York.
So what is wrong  with this new development????
Everything- according to so many posts I read on YouTube to Jay-Z's version of "the hard knock life".
People are going to be really angry if this project doesn't get stopped in development.And truly,I don't blame them. Because if Annie is a musical and it is glaringly obvious that Willow cannot sing,then why are we wasting our time? It's like the Smith kids had a wish at birth: destroy all 80's movies! What will they do next?
                                                         Cross your fingers.

PocketBacs Are So Addictive!!!!!!!

Ok,so you know those PocketBac thingies from Bath & Body Works? I never realized just how damn addictive they are. It's all, you buy this tiny bottle,share with all you're friends,and then you use it every seven minutes. And seven is the magic number-because a friend told me they only last seven minutes!What the RIPOFF!!!??? Tell me below: are they ripoff or not?
PocketBacs in different scents.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early Release

They should release us early every day in my humble opinion....it would leave time for a lot more things....such as watching "Friday" parodies :) they ARE mean but I can't very well help myself.Watch below.


I created this blog not for any particular reason-just because I'm a writer and you should write from life. Plus things I like.Enjoy!!!! And remember,you never know.....